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Posted by Cristi On October - 18 - 2011 5 Comments
Brisbane Skyline Australia

It’s pretty hard to choose pictures for such a top. There are so many cities with great skylines and each of them has a lots of impressive pictures.

A skyline, for those who doesn’t know, is the overall or partial view of a city’s tall buildings and structures consisting of many skyscrapers in front of the sky in the background. It’s true the photographer have a big contribution to make a great skyline picture (if he choose the right angle, the perfect light or many other elements which concur to a great picture).

Most of the entries from our top are skylines from United States of America cities but we also have skylines from Europe (Frankfurt for example), Asia ( Tokyo, Singapore), Sud America (Sao Paolo) or Australia. Let’s see it.

12. Tokyo Skyline, Japan


11. Sao Paolo, Brasil

by kasxp

10. Philadelphia Skyline, United States of America

by Pdamai

9. Calgary, Canada

by Jim Boud

8. Melbourne Skyline, Australia

by Dean

7. Brisbane Skyline, Australia

by Inexistentia

6. New York, United States of America

by DigitalFreakArt

5. Singapore Skyline

by Misspaul

4. Dallas Skyline, United States of America

by Gary Hymes

3. Paris Skyline, France

by Taylor Miles

2. Frankfurt Skyline, Germany

by Deoroller

1. Dubai Skylines, United Arab Emirates

by Al Miller

Which is your favorite?

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5 Responses

  1. Larry Walker says:

    You misspelled the name of Dallas.

  2. jon says:

    Where’s Chicago? Nice job tho

  3. max says:

    Um chicago needs to be in this list, its definitely more impressive than philly in my opinion (and in at lot of other opinions to)

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