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Munich Airport

The increase in the amount of low-cost airlines offering flights at great deals means an increase in the competition to attract travelers to various destinations. Some airports have taken the initiative to boost their stake in the competition through renovating the airport, making it a tourist attraction in itself. Here, we will look at a couple of Europe’s most beautiful airports.

Madrid-Barajas Airport in Madrid was originally built in 1927, but its latest addition is Terminal four which opened fully in 2006. It was designed by Antonio Lamela and Richard Rogers, and has won awards for its design. The idea behind its design is to eliminate stress and promote relaxation during travel. It is well lit thanks to the glass panels throughout, and the domed ceilings give an airy, spacious feel. As for facilities, the terminal houses virtually everything you could possibly need to make your experience more comfortable and enjoyable. For those traveling on business, the terminal includes wireless internet as well as conference rooms. It also includes a wide variety of places to buy food and drink, so you are really spoilt for choice. With an award for ‘best airport’ under its belt, you are sure to enjoy the perfect travel experience when visiting this airport.

Munich Airport is situated just outside the city centre, and was opened in 1992. It is renowned for its central Plaza, which is located between the terminals. The centre consists of beautiful arched ceilings made almost entirely from glass panels, over a magnificent courtyard. The glass walls and ceilings allow a fantastic amount of light and also give a spacious feel to the area. This centre offers all facilities that you could possibly need during your travel, including numerous shops, bars and restaurants and conference rooms. The beautiful design of the building and the multitude of facilities on offer make this an airport that must be seen in full during your visit.

Overall, airports in Europe are now built not just for receiving flights and as a departure point, but also to make travelers more comfortable during their trip. They seem to recognize that the best way to entice visitors to return is to make their buildings as relaxing, convenient and most importantly aesthetically pleasing. With airport design looking as good as ever, these are sure to be places you will want to visit time and time again.

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