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Unique architecture in the US

Posted by Cristi On October - 15 - 2013 1 Comment

Those who are looking for land to buy in the US in order to create their own home from scratch might want to take inspiration from some of the unique buildings that can be found dotted around the country.  Traditional architecture The Colonial style of architecture can be seen in various places around the US.   [ Read More ]

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Front Kilbridge

How do you make a small house large? One way is to make it spatially flexible. Another is to make it flexible over time. This small house on Cape Cod does both. Designed for year-round living, it is centered on a screened porch which creates opportunities to adapt to seasonal change and to evolving lifestyles.  [ Read More ]

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Dubai – a town from Star Wars?

Posted by Cristi On April - 7 - 2012 0 Comment

Without doubt, Dubai is the most futuristic town in the world right now. With a short history, designed only by modern plans and with tons of money for investments it’s easy to explain why Dubai is so wonderful (for those who likes this kind of towns with lots of skyscrapers). Buildings like Burj Khalifa just  [ Read More ]

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Gate Tower Building Umeda Exit

Gate Tower Building is a 16-story office building, located in Osaka, Jpana which is known in entire world because a highway passes through the building. Designed by Azusa Sekkei and Yamamoto-Nishihara Kenchiku Sekkei Jimusho, and build by Sato Kogyo Co. Ltd. Gate Tower Building was completed in 1992. It has 16 floors above ground, 2  [ Read More ]

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Most extravagant museums in the world

Posted by Cristi On October - 31 - 2011 0 Comment
Hedmark Museum

When we are thinking at a museum, we can imagine an old building with great architectural value and with influences from old architectural styles like Baroque, Gothic, Renaissance or many others. But how about ultra-modern museums? There are a few very modern in the world and we put them here. MAS Museum – Antwerp, Belgium MAS  [ Read More ]

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