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Mark Brandon helps property buyers and sellers get better rates through his written works at Safe and Sound Property Inspections. He’s also interested in DIY construction and shares related information in blogs such as this one. In this article, he talks about building inspection.

When a building is newly made, people will often see the pristine white paint, the seamless lines of its construction, and the smell of new concrete filling the air. All of these things could easily trick one’s mind to think that there really is nothing to worry about since this looks like it has a great architectural design, and this may be true for new buildings. But if you are to sell or buy one that was constructed five years ago or even more, will you still feel the same way?

Why Building Inspections are Essential

Building inspections are necessary for safety and financial reasons, whether you are the buyer or the seller. For sellers, building inspections will let them spot problem areas in the building. This will allow them to make necessary repairs before selling it. Small improvements such as interior or exterior painting, repairing broken glass windows, or changing bathroom fixtures – all of these could easily pull up the property’s asking price.

As for the buyer, a building inspection is a form of safety measure. Some of the materials usedcould have already been weakened by environmental factors, which could compromise the overall stability of the building. On another note, there are instances when a bad report could be beneficial for the buyer. When problems are spotted, they may be able to renegotiate the price and some sellers are willing to slash down this down when this happens.

Your Own Checklist

Unless the property is one of the tallest buildings in the world, it is possible to conduct your own building inspection. Here’s a list to help you get started:

For the Interior:

  • Look for cracks on the wall or peeling paint. If it’s made of wood, tap on these to see signs to termite infestation.
  • Ceiling. See if there are warps on it and visible signs of molds.
  • Toilet bowl should flush properly, tiles intact, has a constant supply of water, and fixtures should look good if not new.
  • Check the countertops, holes in cabinets, smell of roaches, drainage problems,or if fixtures need replacement.
  • Lift up carpet and look for cracks on the floor or any other signs of deterioration.
  • Switch lights to see if all are in working condition including built-in appliances.
  • Smell the air and see if you can sniff out foul odor such as mildew.

For the Exterior


  • Damage on fascia or rusts on the tip of the roof are signs that its top is damaged as well.
  • Puddles of water is a sign of plumbing problem.
  • Wall finishes. This must be free from cracks and paint or masonry work should look good.
  • This should offer ample support for the whole structure and be free form cracks, dents or bumps.

Final Thoughts

For a more thorough building inspection, hire a professional. Use this DIY guide only as a supplementary safety measure.


About Mark Brandon:

image07I am a regular contributor to Safe and Sound Property Inspections blog and other home improvement sites. I’m very family-oriented and loves being in the shed or help my mates with their houses.

You can catch me via Google+ or Twitter: @MarkBrandon01




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