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City of Capitals Night

The City of Capitals is a multifunctional complex situated in Moscow (Russia), in an area which is currently under development, known as the Moscow International Business Center.

The construction of the complex began back in 2003 and was completed in 2009, having a total cost of almost 450 million dollars (12.6 bln rubles). Its name symbolizes Moscow and Saint Petersburg, yet more frequently it is most known due to the Moscow Tower. The design and construction plans were made by a global architecture, planning and design American firm called NBBJ, as the complex includes two skyscrapers, the 76-level “Moscow Tower” and the 65-level “Saint Petersburg Tower”, the first with a height of 300.15 m, while the second with 255.7 m., making the structure higher than the Naberezhnaya Tower, also located in the International Business Center Moscow City in Moscow. More than half of the top floors of these skyscrapers are taken up by an entertainment complex, office suites, and huge apartments. The entertainment area, which is represented by numerous restaurants, cinemas, cafes, movie theaters, a 25-meter swimming pool and many conference facilities, is around 10,800 m2, while the designated office space area adds up to 80,000 m2. Approximately 2000 parking places are available at the City of Capitals (a special entrance to the office section of the complex is located very close to a quay, leading from underground parking to retail galleries), which also has a huge fitness center of 2,480 m2 .

The towers named after Russia’s two capital cities display an impressive and luxurious design, and at the same time show a modern and distinctive geometric form, which is not only aesthetic, but has also the function of offering structural strength and giving large floor plates. Not only residents, but also tourists can be frequently seen admiring this outstanding complex that offers many panoramic views of the Moskva River.

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