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Aerial View of the CN Tower Toronto Canada

The CN Tower is an observation, telecommunications and attraction tower located in Downtown Toronto, Ontario (Canada), which at the time of it’s construction became the world’s tallest free-standing structure and world’s tallest tower.

It’s construction process began in 1972 and was finished four years later, in 1976, being built by the Canadian National Railway Company, thus the initials “CN”. The structure opened to the public in June 1976, yet the official inauguration date was October 1, 1976. The total construction costs added up to nearly CDN$63 million ($243 million dollars), which were repaid in fifteen years. The number of construction workers reached 1,537 people. After the appearance of the tower, the area surrounding it began to develop, most importantly after the introduction of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in 1984 and the SkyDome in 1989. John Hamilton Andrews was the architect responsible with the design and construction plans, as the The CN Tower is made up of several substructures. The most important portion of the structure is a hollow concrete hexagonal pillar that contains the six elevators, stairwells, and power and plumbing connections. The antenna spire is 553.33 m, while the roof is 457.2 m high.

Special safety precautions are taken for the CN Tower, which during time has achieved a great safety record, having never been involved in an accidental fire since it was opened back in 1976. But since the construction of the tower has been completed, it has achieved not only important safety records, but also many regarding its imposing high and design: it has become the world’s highest public observation gallery, it included the world’s highest bar (Horizons Restaurant), it has the world’s longest metal staircase and the world’s highest glass floor.

Situated in the heart of Downtown Toronto, the CN Tower has become Canada’s most recognizable icon and as a result is one the most famous tourist attractions in Toronto, with approximately two million visitors each year.

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