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Donbass Arena

Only a few stadiums in Europe can boast with the title of “UEFA Elite Stadium” due to rigorous conditions imputed by UEFA. We made a list with them which contain only stadiums which are finished.

Following conditions are necessary to be an UEFA Elite Stadium (what was before classified as UEFA Fourth-Category Stadium):

  • Stadium must be all-seated and have a minimum capacity of 30,000;
  • The playing surface must either be natural turf or FIFA-licensed artificial turf;
  • The playing surface dimensions must be 105 meters in length and 68 meters in width;
  • The dressing rooms must seat at least 25 people;
  • The substitute benches must seat at least 13 people;
  • Stadiums must have CCTV both inside and outside and a ‘Security Control Room’;
  • There should also be a separate ‘Doping Station’, ‘Delegate’s Room’ and ‘First Aid Room’;
  • Must provide seating for at least 1500 VIPs and 200 journalists;
  • There must be at least three TV studios within the Stadium;
  • The floodlights must light the pitch to an luminance of at least 1400 lux

The stadiums are ordered by seats capacity:

1. Camp Nou – FC Barcelona

Camp Nou is home ground for FC Barcelona. It’s currently the largest stadium in Europe with a 99,354 seats capacity. It was built in 1957 and was renovated in ’94 and 2008.

2. Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium is located in Londra and it was recently built (2007) replacing the old 1923 Wembley Stadium. It is biggest stadium in United Kingdom and it hosts England national football team’s games.

3. Stade de France

Stade de France is the largest stadium in France, located in Paris. The seats capacity is 81,338 and this is the venue where France won her first world cup title in 1998 against Brazil (3-0).

4. Santiago Bernabeu

With a capacity of 80.354 seats, Santiago Bernabeu is the second biggest stadium in Spain, after Nou Camp and it’s home ground for Real Madrid.

5.The Stadio Giuseppe Meazza

The Stadio Giuseppe Meazza is also known as San Siro stadium and is home ground for both Inter Milano and Ac Milan. The capacity of this stadium is 80,074 and it was opened in 1926 for the first time, but was renovated in ’56 and ’89.

6. Luzhniki Stadium

Luzhniki Stadium is the biggest stadium in Moscow, Russia with a capacity of 78,360 seats. It is home ground for two reputable teams from Russia: CSKA Moscow and FC Spartak Moscow. Luzhniki Stadium recently hosted a UEFA Champions League final (2008) and is one of the Russian stadiums which will hold World Cup matches in 2018.

7. Old Trafford

Old Trafford, one of the oldest stadium from our list is home ground for Manchester United. With a capacity of 75,957 seats, it’s the second stadium in England, after Wembley. Old Trafford is also known as “The theatre of dreams”.

8.Atatürk Olympic Stadium

Atatürk Olympic Stadium is located in Istambul, Turkey and is the biggest stadium in this country with a total capacity of 76,092 seats. Was built in 2002 and its costs are estimated at 150 millions (euro). Turkish national team play their games here.

9. Millennium Stadium

Millennium Stadium is home ground for Wales National rugby team but it also frequently hosts games for Football national team. It was built in 2007 and has a capacity of 74,500 seats.

10. Olympiastadion Berlin

Olympiastadion is located in Berlin, Germany and was built in 1936. After two renovations, now it can held up to 74,500 spectators. Olympiastadion is home ground for Hertha Berlin and hosted World Cup 2006 final between France and Italy.

11. Stadio Olimpico

Opened in 1930, Stadio Olimpico was renovated in 1990 and extended to a 72,698 seats capacity. Like San Siro Stadium, it is home ground for two teams from the same city: SS Lazio and A.S. Roma.

12. Olympic Stadium – Athenes

Olympic Stadium from Athena, is the biggest stadium in Greece, with a 69,618 capacity. Phanatinaikos Athena and AEK Athena use it as home ground. In 2007, the UEFA Champions League final between AC Milan and Liverpool was disputed here.

13. Estádio da Luz

Estádio da Luz is located in Lisboa and used as home ground by Benfica, a reputable team from Portugal. Also, national team play there some of their home matches. It was built in 2003, before Portugal organize Euro 2004, and held the final between Greece and Portugal.

14. Allianz Arena

FC Bayern Munich and TSV 1860 München uses Allianz Arena as home ground since 2005 when it was opened. It can support up to 65000 people. Six games from World Cup 2006 were played here.

15. Veltins-Arena

Veltins-Arena was built in 2001 and it serves 04 Schalke as home ground. With a 61,672 seats capacity, it hosted five games from World Cup 2006.

16. Estadio Olímpico de Sevilla

Estadio Olímpico de Sevilla is a multi-purposed stadium, opened in 1999. Despite it is a Elite Stadium it’s unused now and hosts only Spanish national team’s matches because both FC Sevilla and Real Betis Sevilla uses their own courts. The capacity is 57,619 seats.

17. Volksparkstadion – Hamburg

Volksparkstadion, another UEFA Elite Stadium from Germany is home ground for Hamburger SV. The capacity is 57,274 seats. The stadium is also known as Imtech Arena.

18. Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys

Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys is located in Barcelona, Spain. It’s the second largest stadium in Barcelona where first one is also the biggest stadium in Europe (Nou Camp). Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys is home ground for Espanyol Barcelona and has 55,926.

19. National Arena – Bucharest

Built this year, National Arena replace former Lia Manoliu 1953 and become new national arena for Romania. With 55200 seats, National Arena is nominated to host UEFA Europa League final next year. Cup final and Super-Cup in Romania will be also hosted by this stadium.

20. Vicente Calderón Stadium

Vicente Calderón Stadium is home ground for Atletico de Madrid. Built in 1966, it can held up to 54,851 spectators.

21. Ernst-Happel-Stadion

Ernst-Happel-Stadion, the biggest stadium in Austria, was built in 1931. It hosted seven matches from EURO 2008, including a semi-final and the final. Both Austria Vienna and Rapid Vienna play their UEFA games here.

22. Amsterdam Arena

Amsterdam Arena is currently the biggest stadium in Holland (52,960 seats). And it will remain so until 2016 when De Nieuwe Kuip (Feyenoord), with 85000 seats, will be built. Amsterdam Arena is home ground for Ajax Amsterdam and here is where 2013 UEFA Europa League final will take place.

23. Hampden Park

Hampden Park, home venue for Scotland national football team, has a capacity of 52,063. It was opened more than a century ago, in 1903, and was renovated in 1999.

24. De Kuip

De Kuip is located in Rotterdam, Holland and deserve Feyenoord. Was officially opened in 1934 and renovated in 1994 to have now a capacity of 51,577 seats.

25. Donbass Arena

Donbass Arena is first UEFA Elite Stadium in Ukraine. It was recently inaugurated, in 2009 and has 51,504 seats. The stadium will host some matches from Euro 2014, but in rest  is home ground for Shaktar Donetsk.

26. Ibrox Stadium

Ibrox Stadium, the second Elite stadium from Scotland is home ground for Glasgow Rangers. Opened in 1899, it suffers several renovations after that to achieve now a 51,082 capacity.

27. Estádio do Dragão

Estadio Do Dragao, second largest stadium in Portugal, according to its 50,399 seats capacity, is home ground for FC Porto since 2003 when it was built. During Euro 2004, six games were hosted here.

28. Estádio José Alvalade

Estádio José Alvalade, situated in Lisboa, is another stadium constructed for Euro 2004 (five matches were hosted on this court). Along with that, Estádio José Alvalade (50,049 seats) is home ground for Sporting Lisboa, a club which had the rare occasion to play an UEFA Cup final (in 2005) on its own court but they lost it against CSKA Moscow.

29. Stadio Olimpico di Torino

Stadio Olimpico di Torino, home ground for Juventus Torino and AC Torino is the smallest UEFA Elite Stadium with only 27,994. Is located in Torino, Italy.

All photos are taken from!

EDIT: We found more UEFA Elite Stadiums.

Olimpiysky National Sports Complex

Cluj Arena Stadium

Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium

There are many other GERAT STADIUMS but we can’t add them here until we find trustable sources to prove that. We know how much you want your favorite team’s Stadium here, but please come with proves (links) and we will gladly add them.

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139 Responses

  1. El Ratto says:

    Three words for you:

    Signal Iduna Park

  2. adi says:

    Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys no longer hosts Espanyol games since 2009.

  3. Declan says:

    Were is Celtic Park? Weave got the bestest stadium in the hole world

    • Finbar says:

      I agree wi Declan This auntie Irish/Cafflik racialism isny a joke any mer.

    • Cristi - Admin says:

      Sorry, but Celtic park isn’t listed anywhere as “UEFA Elite Stadium”. Even on wikipedia someone contested the following statement “Celtic Park is considered now as an Elite Stadium” – someone asked for a citation (some link to prove that affirmation) but no one added one until now.

      We would like to add Celtic Park on this list, but we need a prove for that.

      • Scubaman says:

        HEllo it’s meeee, William Wilton. I’m just back from a wee bit of diving, only hun to like water me

      • Gavin Doherty says:

        Celtic park has seats in the main stand that the view is obstructed by structural supports and untill they redevelop the main stand the will not be eligible for a UEFA catagory rating, unlike ibrox which has an elite category rating and quite rightly so

      • Tommy says:

        You can’t include Celtic park because its made from cheap breeze blocks which look quite ugly
        When you are going to the toilet or getting something to eat .

    • Hunbuster says:

      Give it a rest ‘Declan’. A Rangers hun in disguise complete with fake bad spelling. Celtic Park 60000 seats, Ibrox 50000. :-)

    • Copland says:

      It’s a dump and there is a massive restricted view when your in the away end…. It’s that bad hampden is above it…..

    • watp1690 says:

      cause ”sellik park” is shite jus like the football club.

  4. AIDEN says:

    Ano man an that. Celtic park ir pure the best stadium in the world. The smell ootsides no that bad when you get used to it no whit a meen.

  5. Seamus says:

    It is a pyoor conspiracy that Parkhead is not here.

    Impressive buildings and UEFA = Anti Celtic

  6. Lenny says:

    Aw whit man.

    Nae sellik park

    this insnay ferr sellik park is pure massiv and always full tae cap capa…..its always full up right

  7. Sean says:

    Rats no fair, ra sellick park gelsga is the pyure bestest stadium in ra world. Must have been a bunch of hun masons that compilied this.

    • Boab says:

      Why do all you nutters think masons r all prods, ive a number of friends who r catholic and in the masonic, time to grow up n stop using it as an excuse.

  8. Brendan says:

    I am so offended that the biggest, bestest stadium in the whoe wide world isnae here. Many great men like Wilfred, Stein and Torbett have built Celtic into a club for all and have built the bestest stadium only for it not to be here.

    • Billy Willy says:

      I fink Ibrox is pyoor underated wi majestic men like Sir Mr Willyum Struth and Richard Gough parading around the place it was always the most dignified place in all of Britain. the Kwintessenshul British team so it is.

      We had to have the best stadium surface think about the millions and millions that have been spunked on shite to keep it green.

      speaking of spunked and Richard Gough…..

  9. Phil says:

    This is outrageous that Celtic Park is not on the list, apart from the smell (which is being fixed by 2017) there is nothing wrong with it. My daughter cried when I read this to her and I shall be complaining to UEFA about your clearly bigoted site.

    I am so depressed :(

    • Bobby Sands says:

      Sorry, but you are wrong.

      The smell was all my fault because I used to wipe my shite all over the walls. BUT i stopped doing this in 1981

  10. Bernadette says:

    Fur the love of God gonnies pit ra hoops grund on that list higher than the huns grund.
    If ma man Declan sees that its no there I’m in fur another doing.

  11. eoghan says:

    This a pure mason conspiracy man. Celtic Park has been sold out for the last ten years and despite SFA conspiracies we battle on with wee Lenny. I am pure depressed that my stadium isnt here. I shall complain to Speirs, Guidi and whatever other third class journalist will listen. Celtic park is pure ELITE

  12. PADDY says:

    How come my beloved parkheid isnae on this and my sister/mum/burd love looking oot our caravan window and seeing it..

    Ill be contacting fare about this and mr mcgobbel to spout shite on his twutter how its all a big bigoted tax invasion conspiracy..

  13. BRENDAN says:

    Nae porkheed, disgrace, finest display of meccanno and breezeblock in the world!!

  14. Declan says:

    This is clearly anti-oirish racism

  15. PADDY says:

    Hey Brendan maybes its no there cause big bad things happen in it like young boys playing special games with there uncle jim while cousin jock turned a blind eye..

  16. john paul o feel says:

    whits this aw about. this is pure sectarian byraway, where is paradise in this list. this list has been written by pur biggoted orange bassas. pure shockin noo henrik ma dug is going to get leathered wie the back a ma sannies the night. hail hail.

  17. ian says:

    Super Rangers the world’s most successful football club. What a superb mainstand and stadium. The broomloan stand will have to cleansed soon when the unwashed hordes of vile celtic reptiles visit.

  18. William of Orange says:

    Here no way thats no fair our piggery is not on the list. ive been going to the big jock knew camp since my uncle jimmy torbett used to take me when i was a young lad. It’s a puoor maasonic consspiricy an aw that. Ive even had my priesthole battered many a time by my favourite uncle jimmy. Big jock knew all about it, Infact uncle jimmy used to get a bonus Depending on how many priesthole’s he battered. BJK

  19. G Speirs says:

    I am completely and utterly consternated that the transcendency of Parkhead is not shown on this webstite. You have a stadium full of 60000 splendid and flamboyant jolly cracksters full of people of all backgrounds. This stadium has seen many a quality of players playing on the hallowed turf including heavyweight superstars like Anto Rogan, Mark Burchill and Evandor Sno.

    I shall complain determinedly to FARE, UEFA and my friend the legendary social worker, Philip to get this act of criminal proportions to be changed and for Parkhead to be seen by all of Europe.

  20. social worker says:

    This masoniac list of stadiums means nothing. We are Celtic and we are faithful fru and fru

    Hail Hail

  21. MAXTIMBO says:

    Whit’s goan oan, a mean wur the bigest and bestest supporteed club in the wurld we wun an award un that fay EUFA and the cunny even pit oor Parradice up thur and that pure anti cafolic if ya ask me Mon ra Hoops!!!

  22. Bernadette says:

    Aye thanks very much fur no puttin ra hoops grund on there.
    Noo I’ve got tae spend aw day the morrah in the DHSS waitin fur a crisis loan wae a black eye.

  23. Fredrick Schuca says:

    I say very interesting however see the jolly orish paddies are out in force at the sight of a poll that they are not topping, good to see that they are still feeling, as the underclass should put down once more.

    One would think that they would have learned to spell and speak the Queens English but no, like a untrained monkey sniffing its finger on a branch there is still plenty work to be done with these un-educated un-washed plebs.

    One does feel a tad ashamed by these lower class gutter dwellers, i am sure that there must be a better life for them if they all went home, as i was told once the famines over so there is no reason to stay in that fine country Scotland.

  24. Bill "Barrymore" Struth says:

    There’s no such thing as an Elite ranking. They stopped that years ago. The classification is completely different now. Good try stairsurfers.

    • SDoW says:

      You’re confusing the systems. The ones that no longer exist are the 1-5 star classifications, which stopped in 2006. The current system is category 1-4, where category 4 used to be called elite. The only difference here is what it’s referred to as.

  25. Pat says:

    Aw man ra shelliks stadiyum isnae oan ther,ats pyoor shite man

  26. Finbar O'Torbett-Gobbler. says:

    A see thit ra Sellick urny mentioned oan this list becozz of the anti-irish raysism thit exist in Scotland an that,no……..well we didnay want to be oan the list becuzz we are on the “vice Elite staydeeum list”……this list includes New Bayview in Fife and the fitbaw park in Royston…………..pyoor kwolity,man.

  27. Liam says:

    Hows the greatest stadyum in ireland/scotland no in this list? Parkhead has got 60,000 capacity and they’re thousands every week been sent away from the stadium because its full to the brim.

    Can’t believe a stadium with a greater capacity than Castle graysull and hampden hasn’t even made the list.

    I’m offended by this revelation.

  28. Liam says:

    To all the haters our their, at least we’re still in europe!

  29. Struth the killer says:

    Ibrox is an elite stadium for murdering it’s occupants
    On the stairways (twice) or the marble staircase
    Easy crowd control is something they don’t get

  30. Ethel Cardew says:

    Where’s Ma Lucozade Say hi to the guys in my local gay shop for me

  31. William Hunothy says:

    Finally us filthy scumbags have won something Celtic haven’t in Europe. What a relief, we can finally forget about them winning the Big Cup and an unprecedented 5 trophies in one year! Makes our attempt at the quadrangle in 2008 look like nothing! WATsuP UVF UDA YMCA B&Q DIY

  32. Gary "Gadger" Lynch says:

    My head explodied when I found out rangers were going to go burst. Oh satan says hi when he does me up the arse

  33. Tommy Burns says:

    Parkhead is a lovely ground, pity about the folk that run it, The legend that is Phil O’donnel got a game cancelled but not me.

  34. William Struth says:

    2 went out I came back

  35. sir David Murray says:

    I have tin Legs

  36. Rangers FC says:

    We dont pay taxes and kill 66 people on stairway 16 amd have 3 major accidents while we have a gorilla called the hmrc over us

  37. Doniel'o'dannel says:

    This is an outrage! Poor Phool Magillybhain (journalist, freedom fighter, literary dissinfectant, social worker (ex, not sure why), fantasist) had an excloosive oan his site before yous lot!

    Well he would have done had the establishment not shut him doon. Yous will be in administration before yes ken it and phool will write aboot it oan his site if yous aren’t careful.


  38. Bill "Boater" Struth says:

    Is the spiritual home of hate not going to be owned by the creditors soon?

  39. Ethel Cardew says:

    HAHAHAHAHA will folk stop pretending to be me..It’s Ethel here and I can prove it….


    Gadger is away bumming wi Bill Struth looking for a new boat and a bike for the Ibrox trophy room Timmy to sit just behind my Lucozade boattle


    now Jog on timmy and dae one.

    any cunt seen Feriens Tego lately?

  40. Legomuncher says:

    Yeah but whit one has de lego …. nom.nom.nom…

  41. Liam says:

    Haha speirs right you are. Your a rabid Rangers fan. I hate this apparant myth among the manks from the west that mr speirs is a follower of the hoops.

    Back on topic. We don’t need lists like this to know that Parkhead is the best stadium in the country. 60,000 all seater and as i said we have got fans being turned away every second week.

    Castle greyskull doesn’t even have teles anymore ffs.

    • Interista says:

      Was Castle Greyskull not the home of He-Man, therefore the home of all that is good? Never understood why it used by Scottish Football fans to describe Ibrox Stadium. Should they not be calling it Snake Mountain, after the home of Skeletor?

  42. NIGEL PICKUP says:

    Hi, Nigel here, I went stair surfing with 65 others and Watty climbed over me to save himself, who should I email.. FARE UEFA or David Leggat?

    In January somebody coughed in my memory, I was outraged so I was.


  43. larkhall proddys says:

    am in a achoo ootrage thagt ma belovd tick’s pyoor wonderfoo stadia isny even in the top 26 fukin hun basterts uefa pyoor anti-cafflick nd aww tht min

  44. Ibrox does not fulfil the standards a Ranger should seek to follow. There should be no back row in a stadium for the Rangers, only a front row where the hard working Presbyterian shall spend his pay and watch the Sons of William in a dignified manner. The thought of a Ranger sitting in the back row of Ibrox darkens the very leather of my splendid brown brogues.

  45. I’m a fat smelly hun bastard

  46. Davie Coopernut says:

    Ibrox on the list then? I assume safe staircases are not part of the criteria.

  47. Cristi - Admin says:

    We know Celtic Park isn’t considered as “UEFA Elite Stadium” yet. If any of you have a link or something which can prove it is an Elite Stadium we will gladly add it in this list :)

  48. Neil Lemon says:

    I’m pleased Tynecastle never got a mention, I as was there last season and the home supporters are right on top of you. Definitely not a place if you’re a Republican. Hope the wee ball boy who got hit with a coin from the Celtic fans and got brain damage is OK though. But like i say crowd to close to the pitch.

  49. Neil Lennon says:

    Im a pyoor victim meh. Its all the big bad huns an the establishment. Mah fitbaw grund is pyoor qwality. Ma signings is pyoor qwality. Samarse is pyoor qwality.We got in by the back door again but we are used to that after Torbett. Everything everywhere is pyoor anti Irish bigi..bigotu..sektar.. just no nice to us kaphlics.
    Its no like we is using it all as an excuse cos we phail. We are pyoor loved all over the wurld and everyone nose we are the greetingist phans in the wurld.
    There wus pyoor 60 million of us in Suvile. Thats why the kuntry is bankrupt. Aw them crisis loans to pay so we kood get tikets.

  50. Interista says:

    I take it we have some kind of Old Firm ‘banter’ going on here? Seemed to start off with some gentle ribbing but I get the feeling those of a Celtic mind set are just sick in the head. Leaving a bad taste in the mouth by mocking dead people. Should I start making comments about Heysel?

    And before you mention it, yes you won in 1967, of course we know, but for no other reason than we lost the game. If it wasn’t for that it wouldn’t matter. Or is that easy to say having won it 3 times now?

    What happened, Celtic used to be a big club.

    • Davie Coopernut says:

      you’re fooling nobody pal, Inter fan from Larkhall?

      • Interista says:

        No, Coatbridge actually so you are barking up the wrong tree entirely. Have an Irish first name and an Italian surname. And coming from where I come from I know more than enough about the Old Firm to pass comment. And the tattoo on my arm reads “Interista fino alla morte”. Lengths I have gone to in the name of ‘fooling’ people. CN69

  51. Bobby Sands says:

    I am suprised that the Stade de Nonce isn’t on this list, it holds up to 95,000 (Seville Method) and had enough room for the biggest peado ring in Britain

  52. john reid says:

    Yes indeed. Ibrox is a magnificient stadium,home of Scotland’s premier Football Club,the mighty Glasgow Rangers.

  53. Declan O'Fended says:

    Whits this aw aboot man? How no Celtic Park no on this list an aw rat? Ra atmosphere at Parkhead is pyoor magic and loud man. Why do people hate us because we are pure Kafflick and Irish? UEFA r bigotz.

    Cannae believe they Proddy huns are oan it. Am writing to Phil.

  54. BJK says:

    Its no ferr an that…

  55. the tax man says:

    we want our money

  56. Un-named Premiership club says:

    anyone know where i can make a genuine £9 million bid for Nikica Jelavic???

  57. Colin Stein (killing machine) says:

    I have to say I am glad to see Ibrox on this list.

    I remember fondly that day in 1971 when with one stroke of my right foot I caused scenes of fervour never witnessed before.

    One dignified staircase huddle ensued where all the Bears present that day decided en masse to to a massive bouncy on each other heads.

    Never before in all of dignity has such a magnificent sight been witnessed.

    Oh aye, and 66 punters of a protestant persuasion made their way to the bid sash-bash in the sky.

    Well, they will wear their flares whilst falling down the stairs.

    • simon says:

      You are one sick minded individial, not that it matters but not all the 66 were Protestant so get your facts right. Why you have to mock dead innocent people is beyond me.

    • Boab says:

      So sad, just reminds me of the sick minds most of you celtic fans have, get a life

  58. John says:

    As a newcastle fan I am dissapointed that st James park isn’t here.

    Iam outraged though that the comments from Celtic fans are vile. The rangers comments are quite funny and I expected Celtic fans to respond in a similar fashion. However I Am disgusted that all Celtic fans can do is slag of the dead including a nine year old catholic boy killed in the ibrox disaster. Instead of slagging of ibrox or rangers you mock the dead.

  59. NIGEL PICKUP says:



  60. billy wright says:

    Am pyoor ragin cos ra hampdump is in before ra ibricks baraway.a blame ra yoofa and ra timmy kunspiracy barawy.ok so ra ibricks is mocket and riddled was ra asbestos and needs mulyyins tae dae it up bit if you owe as much debt as da rainjurs and ur aboot tae go intae liquidation wid you tart yar auld grun up,naw ye widnaE WID YE TIMMY.

    right am away to look oot ma ginger boattles tae help ra gers pay ra tax bill that we huv dodged fur years and dun ra poor sojers oot ae proper uniforms.

  61. hun liar says:

    Who was raped and by which memeber of Celtic fc?

    Huns and the truth.

    • Phil says:

      Try Celtic youth coach jimmy torbett on Alan brazil. Torbett done time and big jock and the Celtic board covered it up. In fairness big jock sacked him but surely any right minded person would contact the police about a sex offender.

      Oh and timmy this is all fact, google is your friend for this.

  62. Steven says:

    Im a Sunderland fan and Im also disappointed that the Stadium of Light isnt there.

    Ive got to say the hatred between Rangers and Celtic fans is a disgrace on this site.And why are Rangers fans so obsessed with child abuse,its really sick.

    • John says:

      U r fooling no one about being neutral pal. Surely you have to mention Celtic fans mocking of the dead to rangers fans talking about hid up child abuse

  63. Liam says:

    Where will use be when we’re in madrid. Only scottish team to make it through to Europe. Neil and the bhoys will do us proud.

    • Phil says:

      While u lot r getting pumped across Europe in front of billions in the Celtic family, we will be on the way to 55 and 4 in a row.

  64. Bill "Barrymore" Struth says:

    Dignified White Anglo Saxon Protestants, may I have your attention.

    To commemorate the fallen from our non-adherence of health and safety regulations we shall hold a minute’s cameraphone holding. We ask fans to ensure they have sufficient battery to record for a duration of 90-120 seconds (regulation Ibrox minute) to ensure that maximum dignity is maintained during this respectful tribute. 21 brave, brave heroes from the 4th Highland Babykillers Regiment will conduct a 21 Nokia salute on the centre circle.

  65. Barry says:

    Celtic don’t meet the criteria through the media allocation,it has always been the case!

  66. Barry says:

    After a quick look at the fuddleboard, kerryfail street and the failed social workers ramblings it appears that tango 2 has worked. You give a tim a lot of made up info and they think rangers are going into administration, the truth is were not.

  67. Michael says:

    Is there an administrator on here that can remove some of the disgusting comments on here, specifically the ones from the supposed Celtc fans mocking the death of 66 Rangers fans.

    I find this sickening and as a Rangers fan I am embarrassed that an interesting, neutral article has been ambushed like this.

    Thank you.

    • Cristi - Admin says:

      That comment will be removed. We also don’t know the history of fans disputes (and i really didn’t knew what he’s talking about).

      We didn’t delete any comment (yet) just because we want to remain neutral like you said as this is just a list of stadiums which are considered by UEFA as Elite Stadium. Nothing more…

      • adam says:

        Just to let you know Cristi all this was, was some Old Firm banter. Rangers fans continuely take the piss out of Celtic when talking about each others stadium. Sadly Celtic fans comebacks always mock the dead whether its an ex manager Bill Struth, victims of the Ibrox disaster or just a normal fan like Gary Lynch.

        Rangers fans have also talked about Celtics shameful history of child abuse which has been mainly covered up by the UK media and beyond. Its in no way as bad as mocking dead people.

  68. lenny says:

    Anti irush bigotry oav the highest order mahn. Scrolled doon fur hours there…n NAE paradise? we’ve pyoor hud awards fae yooaifa about oor fans. Its loud tae.

  69. Finbarr O'Fended says:

    Anybody found they spuds?

  70. Billy Boy says:

    The pigery might hold 60,000 of the self appointed GFITW, but it is a concrete dump, and if celtic FC hadn’t fiddled the figure over the past couple of seasons the average attendance would have been around 45,000

  71. craig whyte says:

    Ibrox will be off the list soon, anyway. I only bought the club for its development opportunities! There’s room for a Halfords megastore, KFC and a Blockbuster video. Meanwhile we are negotiating a rolling 12-month lease arrangement for Caithkin Park.

  72. disasterdome says:

    Dont understand why a building known for killing its own fans is on this list and a newer all seater higher capacity 6 miles away isnt, safety before stars and dignity.Silly website, camp nou before the bernabeu as well, enough said. and hampden park hahahahahha i rest my case.

  73. craig d says:

    It is a little sad that this fine article has been hijacked by sectarian bigots and rangers supporters!

  74. mr. logic says:

    This list is incomplete, by a long way

    Elite stadia means category 4. Every CL group stage match is played at a category 4 stadium, thats the rule nowadays. There must therefore be DOZENS more. No Liverpool, Arsenal or Chelsea??

    • Cristi - Admin says:

      You are wrong. Category 4 means stadiums which are allowed to hold finals for UEFA League or Champions League. For CL group stage there are less requirements.

  75. Tommy says:

    Where is the Emirates Stadium???

  76. rishabh says:

    emirates emirates emirates!!!!

  77. c says:

    Turk Telecom Arena, sukru Saracoglu Stadium(hosted UEFA Cup final 2009), Kadir Has City Stadium, these are 3 great stadiums you missed.

    • Cristi says:

      Thanks for telling me. I’ll check and add them soon.

    • Cristi says:

      It’s look like only Sukru Saracoglu can be placed on this list. I didn’t find anything about other two and their classification. Please, share with me links that prove they are Elite Stadiums and i’ll add all of them here :)

  78. Anton says:

    NSC “Olimpiyskiy” in Kyiv, Ukraine will host Euro 2012 (group, quarter final and final game).

  79. DublinArena says:

    Some of these Stadia are not elite stadia. The Aviva Stadium in Dublin is. Why is it not there?

    • Cristi says:

      Which aren’t Elite? Also, show me some references about The Aviva Dublin to prove that it’s an Elite Stadium and I’ll add it one our list.

      • Tiny says:

        Having been used to play the Europa Final in 2011, this stadium has to have met the UEFA Cat 4 (Elite) requirement, thus making it a EUFA elite stadium

  80. fck93 says:

    i don’t see turk telekom arena. why?

    • Cristi says:

      I didn’t find any reference about Turk Telekom Arena as being an Elite Stadium. Do you have any link? I’ll be glad to add it if it is an Elite Stadia.

  81. Cubo99 says:

    why is Stadio Olimpico di Torino ELITE?? it havent got 30,000… its correct ?

  82. Kdrnl says:

    Turk Telekom Arena is currently in the list of UEFA five star stadiums. It’s an awesome arena with its fine construction quality and high end luxury suits. It is recommended to check photos on the web. It must be added to the list.

  83. Mithun says:

    The Emirates stadium which is the home ground of Arsenal is missing in the list.

  84. Horia says:

    You forgot the stadium of Man City:
    And other stadiums from England: (Southampton) (Arsenal)
    As well as from Portugal: (Benfica)
    As well as from Greece: (Olympiacos)
    As well as from Poland:,_Warsaw
    and many more…(including almost all the stadiums that host Euro 2012)

    • Cristi says:

      You might be right, but beware! The list was published one year ago, when almost all the stadiums that hosts Euro 2012 matches weren’t built yet.

      • ChampRFC says:

        CeLtic Park is not there because its not a 5 star stadium. Simple as that. You refuse to do up the away dressing room and until you do that and touch up all the other faults it will never get its 5 star status

  85. Gavin Doherty says:

    Celtic park cannot get a UEFA rating untill the get rid of the support structures that obstruct the view in the main stand that’s why they do not get a UEFA rating unlike ibrox which is rated as an elite stadium so there is now anti Irish conspiracy just when they built Celtic park they cut corners and left the obstructing supports up and to be an elite stadium or even decent stadium you can’t obstruct anyone’s view!!

  86. Jim says:

    The Millenium Stadium (Cardiff) was built in 1999 (not 2007) for the Rugby World Cup held there that year.

  87. BigAl says:

    I am from Scotland. I am not a Celtic or Rangers supporter and Celtic Park is not the best stadium in the world (The Nou Camp is), however I’m surprised that Celtic Park doesn’t appear to be on the list of UEFA elite stadium [sometimes known as 5 Star or Category 4 stadia]. I’m sure Celtic Park or Ibrox could host a European Final.

  1. […] The complete list of UEFA Elite Stadiums. […]

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  4. […] cu acest an, Romania e pe o lista selecta cu tarile care au stadioane Elite, ba noi chiar avem doua (National Arena si Cluj Arena). E si asta o […]

  5. […] Cluj Arena. Treaba-i ca n-am putut decreta ziua in care pun eu pentru prima data piciorul pe vreun stadion Elite, pentru ca cineva de prin administrare a avut mirobolanta idee ca acesta sa poata fi vizitat (cu […]

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