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The Illinois Skyscraper

Chicago has one of the best skyline in the world (By the way, you can check a cool list of impressive skylines across the world). But how cool and impressive would have been this skyline with the following skyscrapers proposed for Chicago which were never built from some reasons.

You know how things work here: when you are out of money your skyscraper is out too! Or when you dream to much (check number 3), your skyscraper will be out before someone will listen your project.

Now let’s see them. You can tell us through the comment fields which one  you regret it was never built in Chicago.

1. Miglin-Beitler Skyneedle, Chicago

Designed by César Pelli, same who also designed Petronas Towerin Kuala Lumpur, Miglin Beitler Skyneedle was proposed in 1988 to be build in Chicago, United States of America. If the skyscraper had been built, it would have been the tallest building in the world (125 floors and 609 meters) at that time.. The building was canceled soon after the Golf War, during the recession which affected U.S. real estate market.

Inside  the skyscraper plans called for an observation deck, a skylobby, 12 floors of indoor parking at the base, and a two story health club. Nowadays it is host to a parking garage.

2. Beitler Telecom Tower, Chicago
A second skyscraper from Chicago which was never built, designed by the same unlucky César Pelli, was Beitler Telecom Tower – a 2000 foot tall tower (or 610 meters) a height which would have brought it in the top of the tallest buildings. Its construction was announced in 2005, but like already guessed, it was canceled.

3. The Mile-High Tower also known as The Illinois, Chicago
The Mile-High Tower is an old and ambitious proposal, made by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1956. Its height was proposed to be 1610 meters (and an extra 120 meters which would have came with the Antenna). At that time, the building would have been four time higher than any other building in the world (tallest building at that time was Empire State Building) and by this height it would still be tallest building in the world (almost 2x. Burj Khalifa’s height) nowadays.
Even if the building was never built, it lives today through Burj Khalifa, which design was inspired from The Mile-High Tower.

Video with this skyscrapers that were never built in Chicago

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