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Impressive pictures from Dubai Marina

Posted by Cristi On November - 29 - 2013 0 Comment
Dubai Marina aerial view

Dubai Marina is a district in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), build as an artificial stretch along of 3 km of Persian Gulf shoreline with a lot of skyscrapers, like we were used to know here. When the entire zone will be done, it will include more than 200 high towers and skyscrapers like Ocean Heights,  [ Read More ]

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Emirates Park Tower Night

The Emirates Park Towers Hotel & Spa is a twin-tower complex which is currently under construction in one of the most important cities and emirates in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai. The construction process of the structure began back in 2006 and, after a short period in which the construction was put on hold, it  [ Read More ]

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Dubai – a town from Star Wars?

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Without doubt, Dubai is the most futuristic town in the world right now. With a short history, designed only by modern plans and with tons of money for investments it’s easy to explain why Dubai is so wonderful (for those who likes this kind of towns with lots of skyscrapers). Buildings like Burj Khalifa just  [ Read More ]

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The Almas Tower (Diamond Tower) – Dubai, UAE

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Almas Tower Dubai UAE

The Almas Tower, also known as Diamond Tower, is a supertall skyscraper located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, around the Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE). Completed in 2008, after a three year construction process, the structure was officially inaugurated in 2009 and at that time it entered the top three skyscrapers in the city of Dubai  [ Read More ]

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Ocean Heights – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Posted by Cristi On February - 1 - 2012 1 Comment
Ocean Heights

Ocean Heights is a famous supertall skyscraper located in a district in the heart of what has become known as “new Dubai” (Dubai Marina) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The construction process of the building started in 2007. It was then topped-out in December 2009 and eventually finalized and inaugurated the next year. The design  [ Read More ]

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