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Future Skyscrapers in Chicago

Posted by Cristi On November - 17 - 2013 1 Comment
chicago future skyline

During the years, Chicago had an amazing architecture with impressive buildings in a variety of styles by many important architects. First modern skyscrapers appeared here in the end of the 19th century. And them keep coming until now when Chicago number 1,209 completed high-rises, 73 of which stand taller than 168 meters. More than that, here was the  [ Read More ]

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Unique architecture in the US

Posted by Cristi On October - 15 - 2013 1 Comment

Those who are looking for land to buy in the US in order to create their own home from scratch might want to take inspiration from some of the unique buildings that can be found dotted around the country.  Traditional architecture The Colonial style of architecture can be seen in various places around the US.   [ Read More ]

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Trump Tower – Chicago, United States of America

Posted by Cristi On November - 5 - 2012 0 Comment
Trump International Hotel and Tower Chicago

The Trump International Hotel and Tower, also simply known as Trump Tower Chicago, is a renowned supertall mix use skyscraper, located in downtown of the largest city in the US state of Illinois, Chicago. Official inaugurated in January 2008, the building’s total construction cost added up to approximately 847 million dollars, as the structure was  [ Read More ]

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Skyscrapers that were never built in Chicago

Posted by Cristi On November - 11 - 2011 0 Comment
The Illinois Skyscraper

Chicago has one of the best skyline in the world (By the way, you can check a cool list of impressive skylines across the world). But how cool and impressive would have been this skyline with the following skyscrapers proposed for Chicago which were never built from some reasons. You know how things work here:  [ Read More ]

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Miapolis complex – World’s Next Tallest Building?

Posted by Cristi On November - 11 - 2011 0 Comment
Miapolis Tower USA Miami Kobi Karp

Miapolis complex, designer by Kobi Karp could be next tallest building in the world. The maximum height of the Miapolis Tower will be around 3000 ft (with 375 ft. higher than Burj Khalifa from Dubai), but the building is just a proposed project right now. So it’s possible to be beat by other buildings before  [ Read More ]

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