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The Palace of Versailles

Versailles Palace, simply known as Versailles, is a royal chateau located in the Isle of France, twenty kilometers southwest of the capital of France. It is named after the location, which initially was in the countryside when the structure was built (originally it was used as a hunting lodge), yet but it does not have any resemblance to a castle and as a result it is commonly known in English as the Palace of Versailles.

The structure represents the concept of the system of absolute monarchy, being the major center of political power in the country since 1682 and until 1789, a period during which the King of France, Louis XIV, moved here from Paris.  The structure had several building campaigns, beginning in 1661 and finishing with the completion of the chapel in 1710, a moment that marked the end of the construction at Versailles. In addition to these, there were several other alterations and enlargements which have taken place on the chateau and the gardens in the period 1662-1663. The Evolution of Versailles has been significant to the design and ideas of the aristocratic, social and political system established in France from the 15th century to the 18th century. In terms of area, the floor space is 67,000 m2, the building includes 2,153 windows, 700 rooms and 67 staircases. The Museum of the History of France was founded in Versailles, displaying the most important and impressive art collections: 6.123 paintings, 1.500 drawings, 15.034 engravings, 2.102 sculptures and 5.200 pieces of furniture. This Museum has been the historic starting point for the development of an important part of tourism in the area.

Today, the Palace and Park of Versailles has become one of the most attractive places in Paris, with thousands of visitors every year, as  only the magnificent gardens alone can take several days of exploration.

The Palace of Versailles – numbers and records

Floor space: 67,000 m2
Number of windows: 2,153
Number of rooms: 700
Staircases: 67
Paintings in the museum’s collection: 6,123
Drawings in museum’s collection: 1,500
Engravings in museum’s collection: 15,034
Sculptures in museum’s collection: 2,102
Pieces of furniture and objets d’art: 5,210

The Versailles Palace – video

The Palace of Versailles – Pictures


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