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Old Town Square and Tyn Church Prague Czech Republic

The Church of Our Lady before Tyn, located in the original place of settlement of Prague, Czech Republic, is the most important church of the city.

Built initially in 1256 over the place of a former Romanesque architectural syle church, the construction process of the present church started at the end of the 14th century in a traditional late Gothic style, being designed bu the famous French architect Matthias of Arras and later influenced by German architect Peter Parler. Apart from the towers, the triangular portion of the walls between the edges and roof, the structure was finalized by the 15th century and was initially under the control of the initiators of a Christian movement called the Hussite. The last elements of the church were completed around 1500 , during the period of George of Kunstat and Podebrady, the King of Bohemia and leader of the Hussites. A sculpture of George of Podebrady was placed on the roof, but after an early battle in the Thirty Years’ War, it was removed and changed with a sculpture of Saint Mary, with a huge halo which was designed by melting down the chalice of the church. In 1679 the building was damaged due to a lightning strike which led to a fire that meant the former vault had to be changed with a new one, made in an artistic style that illustrated the Baroque architecture.

At present, the Church of Our Lady before Tyn hosts the oldest pipe organ in the largest city of the Czech Republic, built in 1673 by Heinrich Mundt and which represents one of the most important 17th-century organs in the world.

The Church of Our Lady before Tyn is one of the most visited monuments in Prague, the two spires (which are not symmetrical) of this impressive Gothic church being admired from all over Prague as a result of its dominating dimensions.

Pictures of Tyn Church

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