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Those who are looking for land to buy in the US in order to create their own home from scratch might want to take inspiration from some of the unique buildings that can be found dotted around the country.

 Traditional architecture

The Colonial style of architecture can be seen in various places around the US.  This was brought to the country by European settlers, and the buildings created used both wood and brick as materials.  English Colonial style is also evident in many areas.  These homes are made mainly from timber to a fairly simple design template.

The Federal style of architecture developed from the Georgian style, with added features such as plentiful decorative touches.  This style can be found mainly along the Atlantic coastline of the country, with many homes using the style in the late 18th century and early 19th century.  Homes would have large windows and pale walls, encouraging lots of light into the room.

Gothic buildings can also be found in the US.  These have a touch of the medieval about them, with stained glass and gargoyles for decoration.  Gothic is a far more complex design and was adopted by a number of wealthy people for their homes.  It remained a popular choice until the skyscrapers began to appear during the early part of the 20th century.

Unusual US homes

guitar-house[1]In Fayetteville, Georgia there is a house that has been built in the shape of a guitar; however, it can only really be appreciated from the air.  In Pennsylvania there is a house shaped like a shoe.  This was originally built to advertise a shoe business and has since been used as a guesthouse.

If those who want to build their own home want something to rival the greatest house in the country, they may have been beaten to it.  A copy of the White House has already been built in Atlanta, which even has its own Oval Office.

If a home that can move is on the agenda then the ‘rotating house’ in San Diego is one to consider.  This is also a very eco-friendly home with solar panels.  This particular house can move in both directions and has been fitted with turntables in the garage so that the car can simply be rotated to drive out again.

Other homes that have been constructed include copies of homes from animation, such as the Flintstones’ home and the Simpsons’ house, and there are plenty of unique designs that have been planned to take advantage of very small parcels of land.

Using unique styles

When designing a new house, it is not necessary to keep it simple.  Adding a few unique features or an unusual design can mean that the owner has something that will not be found elsewhere.  A design can be completed to the taste of the owner and reflect his or her interests.  It should be noted that in some areas specialist planning permission may be required and outlandish designs may not be acceptable, but this can all be sorted at the planning stage.

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