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Another World Cup Edition will starts soon in South Africa. Maybe you’ll ask what is the connection between a sport competition and an architecture blog. Well… they play on one of the greatest stadium from entire world. Some of them are real architectural masterpiece.

I will present you with a short description all ten stadiums which are going to host matches at this World Cup edition.

Soccer City Stadium

It is biggest Stadium from entire Africa (i mean the continent, not the country). Was opened first in 1989 and last year some improvements were executed. The capacity was increased from 80.000 to 94.000 and many other features required by FIFA were added (scorer board, etc.). The stadium is located in Johannesburg.

Total cost of renovation was estimated at 400 million dollars. This stadium will host beginning match and the big final.

The stadium is designed to look like an African Pot.

Ellis Park Stadium

Ellis Park Stadium is second Stadium located in Johannesburg which will host games from World Cup this year. It is true it is smaller than its brother. It’s capacity is only 62.000 seats.

This is an old South African stadium – it was officially opened in 1929 and since then it suffers important modifications.

Moses Mabhida Stadium

Moses Mabhida is situated in Durban. It is a newly built stadium for World Cup. It was officially open in November last year. Total cost of construction was estimated at 450 million dollars.

It has a capacity of 70.000+ seats during the World Cup, but after this competition, the number of seats will be reduced at 54000. However, if sometimes this stadium will host other important events, the capacity will be increased again up to 80.000.

Cape Town Stadium

Cape Town Stadium is another newly built Stadium for World Cup 2010, and it is located in Cape Town, near Atlantic Ocean. This construction replaced an older stadium named Green Point, reason why some people refer to Cape Town Stadium as Green Point Stadium.

The construction last 33 months and were necessary 600 million dollars to finish it. Cape Town was built by GMP Architects of Germany and two local firms, Louis Karol and Associates and Point Architects.

Maximum capacity is almost 70.000 seats.

This are biggest four stadiums which will host games from World Cup South Africa this year. Other 6 will be presented this days in a new article.

Follow the link of each for a more detailed description, pictures and a short descriptive video.

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